27 Jun
Is A Kratom Ban By The Federal Government Inevitable?
In early June of 2018, supporters of the controversial drug, kratom, converged on the U.S. capitol in droves to protest the intent to ban a substance that, according to surveys, is being used by 3 to 5 million Americans. Kratom use amongst the populous is hovering at an all-time high while advocates and proponents deal with[…]
30 Apr
How To Identify Fake Kratom From The Real Thing
Identifying fake kratom from the real thing is often difficult. Usually, it’s sold in a dubious manner, intended to defraud and trick even the most astute buyers. But the biggest problem here is that fake kratom is hard to identify if you’re buying your kratom online. When you buy kratom online, you don’t get to[…]
25 Apr
5 Things To Look For When You Buy Kratom Online
Kratom is quite possibly one of the most revolutionary drugs that’s sweeping the nation. Not only does it have pain-killing properties, but it’s also used for things like opioid withdrawal, depression, anxiety, mood elevation and so on. However, if you’re just setting out to buy kratom, there are some things to keep an eye out[…]
20 Apr
7 Different Ways To Use Kratom Effectively
Kratom is one of the most powerful and effective all-nature herbal remedies in the world. Not only does it dull chronic pain, but it also helps with things like opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Plus, it even works to boost your immune system and fights off cancer. Overall, most kratom[…]
16 Apr
Kratom Vein Colors: What Do They Mean?
Every wonder what the vein colors on a kratom leaf mean? Well, if you have, you’re not alone. Of course, you see it promoted all the time. There’s green-vein this and red-vein that, and white-vein this-other-thing. So what do the kratom vein colors actually mean? Well, as trivial as it might seem, the vein colors[…]
14 Apr
Kratom For Chronic Pain And Addiction
Let me tell you a story. It’s about a friend I lost years ago. Enthralled in addiction, he spiraled towards an untimely death. The truth is that he ominously predicted that he would die. Right there on a street corner, he called it. Did he really know? Did he care that he was heading towards[…]