7 Different Ways To Use Kratom Effectively

7 Different Ways To Use Kratom Effectively

20 Apr

Kratom is one of the most powerful and effective all-nature herbal remedies in the world. Not only does it dull chronic pain, but it also helps with things like opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Plus, it even works to boost your immune system and fights off cancer. Overall, most kratom strains will make you feel energetic, alert and give you deep clarity in your thinking.

Those are some pretty serious benefits. However, if you’re just discovering this so-called miracle drug, you’re likely wondering about the ways you can use kratom effectively. While you can use it in a variety of methods, all told, there are 7 highly effective methods for using it. To understand those methods, first you have to understand what kratom really is and what it does to the biochemistry of your brain and your body.

Kratom comes from an evergreen tree from the coffee family (Rubiaceae) called Mitragyna Speciosa. It hails from Southeast Asia, growing in countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and others. Some states and countries have banned the use of kratom, while others actually welcome it. But to really understand its benefits and potential side effects, you have to know what’s inside kratom and what its made of.

Now, kratom is all natural. No one can argue that. But, there’s been controversy swirling around this so-called drug for years because it acts very similar to an opioid. Why? It binds to the mu-opioid receptor. That means, it activates a receptor subtype located in the brain, spinal cord and sensory neurons that’s responsible for things like physical dependence, euphoria, pain management and so on.


How To Use Kratom Effectively

Unlike a narcotic like heroin, it only selectively activates that opioid receptor. For example, it does not release serotonin, one of the cornerstones of drugs like heroin. In fact, it prevents the release of it. Still, it does release very small doses of dopamine. But the alkaloid profile of kratom is responsible for doing so much more than just that. However, when you look at the so-called active ingredients, there are only two alkaloids that really matter here: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

When looking at the concentration of alkaloids, although there are roughly 25 of them in kratom, mitragynine hovers at roughly 66% concentration. It’s responsible for more of the euphoric sensation associated with people who use kratom. Those are often the ones who’re looking to quell their opioid withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin. However, the effectiveness of this alkaloid varies by the kratom vein color. In fact, it’s often in the white kratom that this is most prevalent.

That’s important knowledge for anyone using kratom to help with opioid withdrawals. But, more importantly, this alkaloid is far less potent than its counterpart, 7-hydroxymitragynine. Even though 7-hydroxymitragynine has a concentration that ranges anywhere from 1% to 2%, the alkaloid is 46 times more potent than mitragynine. And, it’s 13 times more potent than a pain killer like morphine.

Speaking of pain killers, that’s one of the things that kratom is used for. There’s an analgesic effect thanks to the binding at the mu-opioid receptor. That’s important to know, especially for anyone looking to reduce chronic pain. Now, kratom is used for a many things, but it’s largely used for pain mediation. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest and most effective pain killers out there. That might be why there’s so much controversy surrounding it.

However, not all strains or vein colors are known for their pain killing (analgesic) effects. Some are quite better than others at it. So if you’re using kratom for pain management, you should stick to red vein kratom strains. Unless, of course, you want something more potent like Maeng Da, which is effectively grafted (engineered) kratom to make it very alkaloid rich (both alkaloids are present in abundance.


What Can Kratom Be Used For?

Depending on what ails you, you might want to use kratom for a variety of reasons. Obviously, there’s the recreational users who are just chasing that so-called kratom high. Now, considering that 4 to 5 million Americans use kratom, that’s a fairly significant portion of the population. But one interesting fact you might find about that is that red vein kratom outsells both white kratom and green kratom combined.

That means, the red vein kratom strains are the most popular, hands down. What does that tell you? Likely most of the population using kratom are using it for pain management. Of course, some are using it for other things such as opioid addiction withdrawals. Others for things like depression, anxiety and other mood-related disorders. But when it comes to actually deciding how you’re going to use kratom, there are a variety of ways.

The method that you select is going to depend on how powerful you want the effects to be. One interesting thing to note is that when you combine kratom with calories or a full stomach, it’s less effective. In other words, if you eat a big meal before taking kratom, you won’t feel the effects as much. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel it at all. It just means that the effects will be dulled down and reduced.

Thus, if you’re considering kratom or simply wondering how to use it, there are effectively 7 methods that are quite popular. Depending on the effect you want (or don’t want), you’ll go with one method or another. However, a word to the wise. If you’re just starting out, take it slow. Try making kratom tea first before doing anything else. Allow your body to acclimate to kratom in the system, because it alters your neurochemistry.

And, don’t overdo it. Be very wary of the dosage that you take. If you overuse kratom, you could have some serious side effects like vomiting for hours on end and terrible nausea, amongst other things. You could be incredibly dizzy and just out of it for a while, kind of like a terrible hang over, but even worse. In fact, kratom is rather self-regulating, in that if you use too much of it, it’ll back fire. In other words, don’t try to chase a high.


1. Toss-and-wash method

The first method for using kratom is the toss-and-wash method. This method calls for kratom powder and a drink to offset the taste. In fact, what you’ll find is that kratom tastes awful. But some people prefer that over taking the capsules, which are tough pills to swallow (no pun intended). For this, you need to buy kratom powder, and combine it with a drink like fruit juice or some other drink that will dull the bitter taste (yes it’s that bad).

You just place the kratom powder in the palm of your hand, toss it into your mouth, then chase it with your drink of choice. Not the most glamorous way to use kratom. Yes, I know. But it is one of the more popular methods. Toss and wash could require multiple iterations to get all the kratom in your system that you’re looking to get. Or, it might just require one toss and wash. That also depends on you and your tolerance for it.


2. Mix into shakes method

Another popular method for using kratom is to mix it into something like a protein shake or smoothie. While this is a great way to dull the bitter taste of kratom, it’s also something that many stay away from because it means mixing kratom with calories. When you mix it with calories, you have less of a desired effect. Plus, it takes longer to feel the effects of that kratom when combined with calories. Still, some do prefer this method.


3. Take kratom capsules

Kratom capsules are the most straightforward way of using kratom. You can either get pre-capped kratom or you can cap your own. Capping your own is a little bit messy, but some prefer it to control the quality of both the kratom inside the capsules and the capsules themselves. The truth is that some capsules dissolve quicker than others and are more effective at delivering the kratom to the bloodstream.


4. Make a kratom tea

For those looking for a more mild effect from their kratom experience, they can make a kratom tea. Kratom tea is simply boiling dried kratom leaves and combining in some citrus like lemon, along with honey, to dull the bitter taste. To make kratom tea you have to boil the dried kratom leaves similar to how you would boil a regular tea. However, you can also make this with kratom powder.


5. Use as a kratom extract like a tincture

If you are looking for some serious effects from kratom, use an extract. Extracts are distilled down into a highly potent variant such as a tincture (liquid). To use this, just take it as drops. It can also come in the form of a paste, but this is less common. However, keep in mind that kratom extracts are powerful. You’ll often need far less than you would regular kratom variants to feel the same effects.


6. Mix kratom into food

Another method for using kratom is to mix it into food. You can put it into any type of food. But, then again, you’re combining it with calories. You can mix it into soups, place it into cake batter, make brownies with it, or mix it into just about anything. You’ll dull the taste and, for the most part, might not even realizing your taking kratom. However, if you want to feel stronger effects, you should avoid combining it with calories.


7. Chew fresh kratom leaves

Now, if you’re in North America, you’re going to have a hard time getting your hands on fresh kratom leaves. But, if by some chance you do, or you’re just in Southeast Asia or a region near it, then you can definitely chew fresh kratom leaves. This is the best way to use kratom when its literally just picked from the trees. In fact, indigenous tribes in Southeast Asia where kratom grows, have been using it this way for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

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