Buy Bulk Kratom: How To Order It In Mass Quantities

Buy Bulk Kratom: How To Order It In Mass Quantities

29 Mar

If you’re looking to buy kratom in bulk, not only can you score a better deal, but you could also have more quality control over the kratom that you do buy. How so? Clearly, most items across the board are cheaper the more you buy of them. So if you’re buying bulk kratom amounts that range anywhere from 10 kilograms to 100 kilograms or more, you’ll often get the best price and the highest quality kratom.

The truth is that most vendors would prefer to sell kratom in bulk. It takes out all the smaller purchases and creates a more profitable exchange all around. Not only does the end user get a better deal, but the vendor gets to move a higher quantity of kratom to a single individual. Now, when you do buy kratom in large quantities like this, you have to know what to look for and where to buy it from.

There are so many unscrupulous vendors out there that would do anything in their power to take advantage of the average consumer. For that reason, be sure to do your due diligence on the company that you intend to buy in bulk from. Keep in mind that this is not a small amount of kratom that we’re talking about. When it’s 1 kilogram or less, the general risks associated with the purchase are much lower. But, when talking about higher quantities, the risk shoots up if you’ve never done business with the vendor.


How To Buy Kratom In Bulk

There are things to look out for if you’re buying kratom in bulk quantities. Consider a vendor, like us, who grinds down dried leaf kratom into a powder fresh for each order. This way, the kratom is premium quality when we ship it to you. Ask any vendor that you purchase kratom from about their policies related to this. When do they grind the dried kratom leaves down into a powder after they’re ordered.

The answer to this question matters. When kratom is powdered down and sits around on the shelf for weeks or months at a time, it looses its freshness and it dampens its quality. Keep in mind that the quality of kratom can degrade fast. If you’re not purchasing it from a vendor who is selling it in large quantities, you’re largely risking the quality of your order. Large bulk orders of kratom that sit around the shelf for weeks or months won’t give you the same benefits as fresh kratom.


Questions To Ask When Buying In Bulk

Before you buy large quantities of kratom, there are some questions you should ask. First off, if you’ve never taken kratom before, you shouldn’t buy quantities in bulk unless you know what you’re going after. Kratom can vary vastly in its effects and potential for medicinal uses. If you’re looking to take kratom to cure chronic pain or possibly to help with opioid withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be looking at different strains.

Understand the different strains and how the vein colors would impact the effect you’d feel. It’s also important to understand the right dosage to take. Don’t simply order in bulk before you know what strain and what dosage you need. Keep in mind that kratom loses its freshness and degrades the longer it sits around. By first ordering a small quantity and dialing in the right dosage, you’ll know just how much you can consume and how much to order.

This way, you’re also not wasting kratom. While the price will be more effective when you buy it in larger quantities, you don’t want it to go to waste. Fresh kratom is always best. However, when you do order kratom in bulk, be sure that you’re ordering vacuuming sealed bags to avoid oxidation. Simply put, they need to ship in an airtight container and stay that way until ready to be used. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money.

Question 1: Where do you source your kratom?

While most vendors don’t want to answer this question, you should be asking them where they source their kratom from. Reputable vendors are not afraid to tell you the source, even the plantation, that they get their kratom from. It’s not like you’re going to be competing with them. But the answer to this question is important. Geographically, kratom varies based on where its grown and cultivated. That’s important, especially for understanding potential effects.


Question 2: How do they store the kratom locally?

Kratom needs to be stored in a place that’s cool, dark and not humid. It also needs to be stored in airtight containers. If that’s not happening, then you shouldn’t order kratom from that vendor. Don’t be afraid to call them and ask them these questions. Again, most reputable vendors won’t have a problem answering this question. Remember, ordering in bulk means you’re getting a large quantity to come to your home or office where you’ll also need to store it in similar conditions.


Question 3: How often do they grind the dried kratom leaves into powder?

The goal with this question is to discover whether this is done fresh, before the order. You don’t want to have ground up kratom powder from months ago, especially if it’s not stored correctly. The sooner you receive it after its ground down into a powder, the better. Of course, this is considering that you’re ordering it as a powder. You can order is as pills as well, but that’s essentially a powder too. But it’s best that you cap your own pills or use the kratom in a smoothie for optimal taste.


How To Store Kratom

A few things you should keep in mind when you’re storing your kratom that you buy in bulk is to ensure that you adhere to the following points:

  • Find a cool place to store them that’s not damp to avoid the degeneration of the alkaloids and flavanoids
  • If you’re storing it in a room such as a basement, by a dehumidifier and keep it running to remove moisture from the air
  • Store the kratom in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar to reduce the possibility of mold
  • Keep out of the reach of direct UV rays or any type of sunlight (i.e. do not store near windows)
  • Buy and use a vacuum sealer if you’re buying bulk quantities of kratom to keep it as fresh as possible
  • When using the kratom, be wary of environmental issues and do not overexpose the kratom to UV or dampness or warm temperatures and sunlight
  • Date every plastic bag or glass jar of kratom in your possession
  • Avoid placing the kratom near any strong odors
  • Consider using a mini-freezer but only if it’s properly sealed and away from as much moisture as possible.


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