Buy Kratom Powder Online: A Complete Guide

Buy Kratom Powder Online: A Complete Guide

24 Mar

You can buy kratom in a variety of mediums. Not only are there different strains, but the delivery method varies. For example, you can buy kratom powder, which is crushed down and powdered from dry kratom leaves. You can also buy kratom extract. Extract comes from distilling and boiling down kratom into a highly potent form. You can also buy dried kratom leaves for use in kratom tea.

Of course, when you buy kratom powder, you can also select the strain and the potency. The truth is that, depending on the plant’s genetics, region and other environmental factors, it can be more adept to either helping with opiate withdrawal or something like chronic pain or depression. Depending on what ails you, buying kratom powder should be based on the strain and the region to best help you medicinally.

For example, kratom varieties vary widely from region to region. They also vary based on the specific plant. For example, red-vein kratom leaves are often red in color and are more sedative. It’s often used to help with chronic pain. The reason why it’s so beneficial for pain is from the larger presence of the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid, which has analgesic properties. While there are over 40 compounds within the chemical makeup of kratom, the 7-hydroxymitragynine is more prevalent in the red-vein kratom.


How To Buy Kratom Powder

However, it’s not just understanding the vein of the kratom leaf. Because, you can also get white-vein kratom and green-vein kratom as well. And, to a lesser extent, the yellow-vein kratom. Yet, potency and effects will vary by region. Some kratom that hails from Indonesia have a different effect than those that hail from Bali or Borneo.

The trick is to know what to look for. If you’re looking to quell withdrawal from opioids, then you’re looking for white-vein kratom, which has a higher potency of the mitragynine alkaloid. Mitragynine is responsible for the euphoric effect, similar to what you’d experience on morphine. This binds to the mu and delta opioid receptors, tricking the brain that an opioid is present. One study showed that this is more powerful than methadone for withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re in the market to buy kratom powder, you have to know the difference between the varieties and strains. Plus, you also have to know where to source your kratom. Some vendors and suppliers are less scrupulous than others. They don’t always provide you with genuine kratom. So you have to be careful. Only buy kratom from trusted sources and vendors online.

Now, depending on what ails you, you have to make an educated choice about the type of kratom to buy. The strain is important. You might also be more inclined towards a particular brand. Often, brands source their kratom from particular plantations that they know and trust and can attest to the quality of their leaves.


Buying The Right Kratom Powder

In order to find the right kratom powder to buy, you have to select the right strain. The strain makes all the difference. It combines both the geography of the plant and the leaf/vein color. Let’s look at how each of the kratom strains will effect you when it comes to relaxation, pain relief, mood enhancement and stimulation.

Kratom Strains: Energy, Sedation and Pain Relief
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White-Vein Kratom Powder (White Kratom)

White-vein kratom (or white kratom for short) is often associated with more of a euphoric effect. It’s often a very effective relaxant, which is crucial to those suffering through opioid withdrawals. It’s also somewhat effective at pain relief due to the mild presence of the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid. However, white kratom’s predominant alkaloid is mitragynine, which attributes to its somewhat euphoric sensation.

White kratom is also very effective at mood enhancement. But it’s only mildly effective as a stimulant. It does work as an energizer. However, it won’t give you the coffee or pick-me-up effect that some other kratom powder strains will give you. However, it is great if you’re looking to relax and take some of the pressure off from whatever troubles you. Of course, those suffering from anxiety and depression will benefit from white kratom.


Red-Vein Kratom Powder (Red Kratom)

Red-vein kratom (red kratom for short) is best for those looking for more of a pain-relieving effect. In red kratom, the primary alkaloid active is mitragynine. That gives the analgesic effect for the pain relief. However, red kratom does also have lower levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine, so it can be used for opioid addiction. In fact, red kratom is the most popular form of kratom. It outsells both white kratom and green kratom put together.

When buying red kratom, you’re effectively buying kratom powder that will both relax you and give you pain relief. It’s not as much of a mood enhancer since it’s sedative. But there are mild mood enhancements associated with red kratom. It’s also not known to be very stimulating since it’s more numbing to counteract the pain. This is somewhat akin to the feeling of morphine, but in a natural format.


Green-Vein Kratom Powder (Green Kratom)

Green-vein kratom (green kratom for short) is a combination of both white kratom and red kratom. It has a balanced effect. In fact, that’s because it has fairly equivalent levels of the two prevalent alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Green kratom is known to be more mood enhancing than the white kratom or red kratom.

With green kratom, you’ll feel a mild stimulation. However, you’ll also be more alert and have improved concentration. This acts much like a nootropic would. If you’re looking for a caffein-type effect, then buy green kratom.


How Long Does Kratom Last?

When you take any kratom, you’ll have about 20 to 40 minutes before the onset of any sensations associated with them. When the feelings do arrive, they’ll last for roughly 3 to 5 hours. Generally speaking, red kratom will last you roughly 5 hours, while white kratom will go for about 3  hours and green kratom might go as long as 8 hours.

Some variations are more potent than others, so the sensations will last longer. Also, this depends on how acclimated your body is to the effects of kratom. If you’ve developed a tolerance, you might feel less of an impact and the sensations might dissipate quicker than if you’re just starting out with kratom.

However, one thing that’s important no matter which kratom powder you buy, is not too take too much. Don’t chase the high. It won’t work. In fact, kratom has a built-in safety mechanism that will give you enhanced side effects if you attempt to take too much. Especially if you’re just starting out with kratom, be wary of the dosage levels.


How Much Kratom Powder Should You Buy?

The question of how much kratom you should buy has to do with how often you intend to use it. It’s not recommended that you use kratom every single day. You could easily develop a dependency for kratom, and effectively swap out one addiction for another if you’re using it to stave off withdrawal symptoms from narcotics like heroin.

Now, kratom is not a very expensive drug. So you can certainly buy kratom in ample amounts without worrying too much about impacting your bottom line. Depending on the delivery method, prices will vary. For example, extract, which is far more potent than powder, will cost you more than say dried kratom leaves.

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