Kratom Capsules Vs Powder: Which One Is Better?

Kratom Capsules Vs Powder: Which One Is Better?

06 Apr

What’s the difference between kratom capsules and kratom powder? If you’re in the market to buy kratom, you’re likely asking yourself that question right now. However, when comparing kratom capsules versus powder, what factors impact the positives and the negatives of either of these variations?

To understand the answer to that question, let’s look at what kratom capsules and powder really are. If you’re new to the world of kratom, it’s best to first understand what kratom is and what it does before going out there and purchasing it. However, it’s not just a discussion of kratom capsules compared to the powder, but more so an understanding of the variants.

What kratom strain you should take is a more important question than how you should deliver that kratom into your body. Different strains have different effects. For example, red-veined kratom has an analgesic (pain-killing) effect. On the other hand, white-veined kratom has more of a euphoric effect.

Then there’s a variant like Maeng Da kratom that’s alkaloid rich across the board. It has both effects. It’s both analgesic and euphoric. Depending on what ails you, you have to pick the strain that’s right for you. But the question is, do you go with powder or do you go with capsules?

However, if you’re shopping for kratom and you’re confused about the difference between the powder form and the capsule form, here’s the scoop.


What are kratom capsules?

Kratom powder is pre-packed into capsules. They’re available in either vegetable cellulose or gelatin capsules. This removes the necessity of packing the powder into capsules yourself. Simply put, it’s a convenient way of consuming kratom than its powder counterpart.

However, if you do purchase kratom capsules, it’s also important to understand that you’re getting pre-filled kratom powder. It means you don’t have to do the work. You don’t have to measure and weigh out the powder yourself. And you won’t have to buy capsules, fill them and cap them in order to ingest the kratom.

Capsules are usually 400 to 600 milligrams. The smaller they are, the easier they are to swallow. However, another reason why many people resort to kratom capsules vs powder is because it’s easier to stomach. The truth is that kratom powder on its own has a pretty terrible taste. And, depending on the strain selected, it could be downright cringeworthy to swallow.

Also, remember that you have to swallow kratom capsules in larger quantities. You can’t just take one. You often have to take 4 to 8, even if you’re just starting out with kratom. For example, 4 kratom capsules at 600 milligrams would be 2.4 grams. That’s not a substantial amount of kratom to take.

However, swallowing that many kratom capsules can be tough. Especially in the beginning. If you attempt to take larger capsules, at say a gram each, it’s even harder. Many people can’t stomach that. For that reason, they lean towards the powder as opposed to the capsules.

In fact, most prefer something called the toss-and-wash method. That’s when you toss the kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down with a drink. Some prefer this method. Others don’t. Depending on your tolerance for the actual powder, you might lean one way or another. But keep in mind that the taste isn’t fantastic, no matter what type or strain you get.


Should you buy kratom powder?

Kratom powder is made from dried leaves that are ground into a powder. The leaves are usually sun-dried, crushed, then ground down. However, some people prefer to buy the crushed dried leaves and powder the kratom themselves. This usually leads to fresher kratom powder.

Dried, crushed kratom leaves are usually used in kratom tea. The tea does take longer to prepare but it usually results in less side effects. You use ingredients like lemon, honey and sugar to make kratom into a tea. However, others prefer to avoid this approach because they say that taking kratom with calories reduces its effects.

Most people prefer fruit juice when combining kratom powder into drinks. It’s also used to make kratom smoothies as well. Most people prefer to dull the bitter taste of kratom by mixing it into drinks over ingesting it directly. However, some people do prefer the capsules.

But if you’re contemplating to buy kratom powder, buy it in bulk. You’ll get more product that way. But be sure to store it properly. You have to store kratom in a cool, dry place that’s free of humidity. And you have to vacuum-seal it for as long as possible to avoid the oxidation process. Keep in mind that kratom loses its integrity quickly over time when exposed to the elements.


Kratom capsules vs powder

When comparing kratom capsules to the powder, as you can see, there are some key differences. When arguing which one is better, the answer is often subjective. However, an objective overview of the topic can lead to an intriguing debate on the topic of which one is better or more beneficial.

Here are some key differences between the two variations.

  • You’ll pay a premium for capsules if you don’t fill and cap them on your own
  • Swallowing numerous capsules can usually be too difficult for most people
  • It’s hard to guarantee the quality of kratom capsules because you just can’t always verify its contents
  • Kratom powder tastes bad unless you combine it with the right drink
  • The cellulose that wraps kratom capsules usually inhibit it from taking effect immediately (capsules have to dissolve first)
  • Capsules are easier to manage with less mess
  • Grinding dried kratom leaves into a powder, then filling capsules is a hassle when done often
  • If you’re packing the kratom capsules yourself, don’t pack them so tightly
  • Some suggest you should poke holes in the capsules to speed up digestion
  • The toss-and-wash method on an empty stomach gives optimal effects by covering a large surface area and digesting quickly into your system

So the question really is whether you should buy kratom in capsule form or as powder. The answer is subjective. It all depends. Can you stomach kratom powder? Are you new to taking kratom? Beginners usually prefer the no-fuss method of capsules, even though they’re harder to swallow.

Of course, there is a delay in effects when you take the capsules. That can result in up to 20 minutes longer to feel the kratom effects in your body. If you’re taking kratom for chronic pain, that could be an issue to wait that long. However, some people don’t mind it at all.

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