Kratom Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Kratom Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

28 Mar

When it comes to kratom dosage, the question most often is asked is, ‘How much should you take?’ If you’re using kratom or you’re interested in using it, understanding the dosage of kratom you should take is important. If you’re unaware, there are some serious side effects to kratom if you attempt to take too much. It’s also important to understand that the medium of delivery will impact your kratom dosage.

Why? Because, some mediums of delivery for kratom are more potent than others. Clearly, kratom extract is a way more potent variation of kratom than kratom tea, for example. Extract is distilled down with the purposeful intention of making it highly potent. Generally, that means you’ll need roughly half the amount of kratom extract as you would kratom powder. The extract of extract is highly potent so be wary of the kratom dosage that you take.

Kratom Dosage Information: How Much To Take?

Before you purchase any kratom, it’s important to understand that not only should you understand what strain of kratom is right for you, but also the kratom dosage you should be taking. Be careful not to take too much. In fact, kratom has a built-in safety mechanism that can almost ensure you won’t up your dosage too high. These are some serious side effects that you need to know about.

When you take too much kratom, not only will you vomit (sometimes for hours) but you’ll feel nausea for a prolonged period. You’ll also feel dizzy and “out of it.” This takes much of the euphoric or positive sensations out of using kratom. Keep in mind that you should not chase a so-called kratom high. If you do that with an increased dosage, especially one that’s substantially higher than what your body is used to, you’ll feel some harmful effects.


What Kratom Dosage Is Right For Me?

When determining the right dosage of kratom for your particular situation, you have to look at your unique situation. Every person has a different situation when it comes to taking kratom. Now, if you’ve never taking kratom before, be wary at the ouset. Don’t take too much. It will give you side effects. If you don’t want to experience those harmful side effects, start with a small dosage.

It’s also important to understand the medium of delivery. Kratom powder is the most common form and less potent than extract. In the very beginning, stick to the powder. If the powder makes you feel sick, opt for kratom tea. Kratom tea is less harsh on the body at the outset. You should also consider a very low dosage of kratom in the very beginning. Don’t exceed 1 to 2 grams of powder or capsules.

However, it’s also important to review what ails you. If you’re suffering chronic pain from say a cancer, then a higher dosage of red veined kratom might not only be a viable option, it might actually be the preferred route. However, that doesn’t mean you should start with a high kratom dosage. Build up to the level you need by first assessing the initial effects of kratom on your body when you start out.


How To Take Kratom

There are a number of ways to take kratom. Not only can you get kratom as a powder or a tea or capsules and an extract, but there are also methods you can take for ideal delivery methods. For example, you can add kratom to some of your favorite foods or drinks that you’re already consuming. Since kratom isn’t the best tasting substance in the world, often people will add it something they generally like to eat or drink.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s one right way over another to take kratom. This just gives you different options. The truth is that different people prefer different deliver methods. Some, prefer the more potent avenue of the extract, which can be consumed as a liquid. Others prefer to make kratom into a tea. Still others simply prefer to swallow the capsules (although some larger ones are rather difficult to swallow).


Toss ‘N Wash Method

One method that most people prefer to get the kratom into their bodies is to use the toss-and-wash method. How does it work? Simply take the dosage of kratom that you’ll consume and place it in a teaspoon or tablespoon. Next, fill a glass with a sweet drink such as a soda or a lemonade. Then, take the kratom and wash it down with the drink. If you can’t take it all at one time, you can do this in parts and pieces.

Take a little bit (or as much) as you can stomach at first and then wash it down with your favorite drink. Then take some more and some more. Depending on the kratom dosage you’re looking to consume, this might take you a few times of tossing and washing to complete take the right amount.


Mix Into A Shake Or Smoothie

Another method that most people prefer is to mix the kratom powder into a shake or a smoothie. Some people can’t stomach the toss-and-wash method, so they mix it into their favorite drink. Usually a fruit smoothie or a tasty shake can almost eliminate the taste of kratom in any dosage. If you find it hard to take kratom, the smoothie or a shake might be a very effective option.


Mix With Yogurt

Some people prefer to mix kratom into yogurt. But not the plain kind. That won’t really reduce the harsh taste of kratom powder. Instead, find a fruity yogurt you can use. There are plenty of off-the-shelf yogurts that offer a sweet alternative to natural yogurt, and also make the kratom much easier to get into your system.


Take Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are hard to consume. You often have to take many of them depending on the dosage you consume. The kratom pills are also hard to swallow because they’re usually larger. Now, if you take the half-gram pills, they are definitely easier to swallow, but you’ll have to take much more of them. That makes it more difficult.


Brew Kratom Tea

Another way to get the right dosage of kratom is to brew it into a tea. Now, this is a bit more difficult and time-consuming to do, but most people prefer this method. You can either use the powder or the dried leaves to make kratom tea. You should also consider mixing it with lemon, honey and sugar to remove the bitter taste of kratom on its own.


Check The Potency Of Your Kratom Strain

Often, you need to determine the potency of the strain before you can figure out how much kratom you should take. Some strains are far more potent and powerful than others. That means, taking just a little bit of one strain can be the equivalent of taking a lot of another strain. When the strains are potent, you’ll need less of it to have similar effects.

However, in general, you should always start small. Here are some tips:

  • Start with only 1 to 2 grams of any kratom strain you choose
  • After taking the kratom, wait 45 minutes to 1 hour to determine its effects
  • If you require more, rinse and repeat with small amounts until you reach the threshold
  • Keep in mind that if you take too much kratom, you’ll experience harsh side effects
  • If you vomit or feel nausea, switch to a kratom tea in the beginning
  • Allow your body to get acclimated to the kratom after you take it and don’t make it a regular habit
  • Excessive use of kratom can create physical dependencies, so be wary of consuming too much
  • Take kratom on an empty stomach in the beginning
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after taking kratom to stay hydrated and avoid migraines or dehydration
  • Write down how much kratom you take and keep a record of it and record the sensation to track later
  • Never buy low-quality kratom or kratom that seems cheap because you’ll get what you pay for

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