13 Apr
Kratom FAQs: 10 Common Questions & Answers
If you’re like any one of the other 4 to 5 million Americans who take kratom,  you probably have some questions about it. However, if you’ve done any research on your own, you know that most online sources aren’t reliable. In fact, many have outdated information, or simply information that’s downright wrong. That’s why we[…]
11 Apr
What Is The Alkaloid Profile Of Kratom?
One question that most people have when it comes to kratom is about its alkaloid profile. Of course, pharmacology is important. It determines the benefits and side effects and gives you a deeper understanding of the physiological impact kratom can have. By understanding kratom’s alkaloid profile, you’ll also gain insight into just how much of[…]
11 Apr
Green Vein Kratom: Overview & Effects
Kratom is typically categorized by its vein color. Green vein kratom is common but not the most sought-after variant of this controversial drug. That would be red-veined kratom. Probably because of its analgesic effects. It’s a well-known pain killer, and incredibly affordable. That might be why red kratom outsells green vein kratom and white vein[…]
09 Apr
Kratom User’s Guide: Common Questions & Information
There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation associated with kratom. A lot of people think they know what they’re talking about when relating relevant information that doesn’t always translate accurately. Combine that with subjective missives, and you often read information that’s downright wrong when it relates to kratom. That’s why I decided to create this[…]
08 Apr
Can You Smoke Kratom? The Benefits And Drawbacks
Can you smoke kratom? That’s the question. For most people who turn to kratom, there’s an almost cringeworthy thought. The truth? It’s a tough pill to swallow. No pun intended. The taste is just hard to stomach. Whether you swallow the pills or use the toss-and-wash method to use kratom, you’re probably wondering whether you[…]
07 Apr
White Vein Kratom: A Comprehensive Guide
White vein kratom has a unique alkaloid profile that exhibits larger quantities of mitragynine and lower quantities of 7-hydroxymitragynine. The former relates more to the euphoric effects of kratom, while the latter gives kratom its analgesic (pain killing) properties. Red vein kratom is the most popular type of kratom selling on the market today. It[…]