07 Apr
Kratom Tolerance: How Quickly Does It Evolve?
Kratom can be addictive if abused. Most who use it for prolonged periods do develop a tolerance towards it. That kratom tolerance forces them to increase their dosage, which often results in negative side effects. So how quickly do you build a tolerance to kratom? Does it depend upon the strain or are there other[…]
06 Apr
Kratom Capsules Vs Powder: Which One Is Better?
What’s the difference between kratom capsules and kratom powder? If you’re in the market to buy kratom, you’re likely asking yourself that question right now. However, when comparing kratom capsules versus powder, what factors impact the positives and the negatives of either of these variations? To understand the answer to that question, let’s look at[…]
05 Apr
Does Kratom Reduce Inflammation? An Overview
Here’s the question that most people ask. Does kratom reduce inflammation? Does it help or have a noticeable effect? To understand the answer to this question, let’s look at the pharmacology of kratom. If you don’t already know what’s inside kratom, the compounds will help you glean insight into kratom’s reduction of inflammation. Kratom contains[…]
01 Apr
What Are The Benefits Of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)?
Most people wonder what the benefits of kratom are. To really answer that often-asked question, let’s study the pharmacology of kratom. Once you understand the compounds (alkaloids and flavonoids), you’ll also understand the drug, its benefits and its effects. Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, has a unique chemical makeup that interacts with the brain[…]
29 Mar
Buy Bulk Kratom: How To Order It In Mass Quantities
If you’re looking to buy kratom in bulk, not only can you score a better deal, but you could also have more quality control over the kratom that you do buy. How so? Clearly, most items across the board are cheaper the more you buy of them. So if you’re buying bulk kratom amounts that[…]
29 Mar
Maeng Da Kratom: An Overview & Explanation
Maeng Da kratom is a derivative of a Thai kratom variety, but altered through a process known as grafting. In fact, the name “Maeng Da” roughly translates to “pimp” in English. However, its name originates from a local water bug called the, Lethocerus Indicus. In fact, in Thailand, the Lethocerus Indicus is a tasty delicacy. Although[…]