5 Things To Look For When You Buy Kratom Online

5 Things To Look For When You Buy Kratom Online

25 Apr

Kratom is quite possibly one of the most revolutionary drugs that’s sweeping the nation. Not only does it have pain-killing properties, but it’s also used for things like opioid withdrawal, depression, anxiety, mood elevation and so on. However, if you’re just setting out to buy kratom, there are some things to keep an eye out for. Of course, you can’t just blindly trust any company that tries to sell you kratom. You have to be wary.

But that’s not just it. When you buy kratom, you have to look at certain specifications about the type of kratom you’re buying. Keep in mind that each kratom performs a little bit differently. Of course, it’s still kratom at the end of the day. But the benefits and the effects are going to vary slightly. If you’re seeking kratom for chronic pain, that’s one thing. If you’re looking to quell opioid withdrawal symptoms, that’s another thing.

Now, it’s important to note the variations in kratom strains and kratom vein colors. These variations have an impact on the effects. If you’re buying kratom for medicinal purposes, this is important. Plus, if you’re seeking kratom for recreational purposes, this is likely important too. The fact is that some kratom vein colors and strains are extremely sedative. That’s because one of the active alkaloids in kratom, called 7-hydroxymitragynine, is a powerful sedative (13 times more potent than morphine).


What To Look For When You Buy Kratom

Okay, if you’re in the market to buy kratom, here’s what you need to look for. While there are likely many factors that can determine the viability of a particular kratom for your situation, there are only 5 that truly matter. If you pay attention to the following 5, then you should be in the clear. Ignore these 5 factors, and you could end up purchasing kratom that doesn’t quite fit the proverbial bill.

Instead, pay careful attention to what you’re buying and where you’re buying it. The truth is that some vendors are not as ethical as others. You might not know what you’re getting when you buy from them, so be wary. Don’t just look at the price of the kratom. Remember, you do get what you pay for in this life. So if you solely focus on price over the quality and the origination of the kratom, you could end up getting something that isn’t entirely 100% kratom through and through.

Can that actually happen? Yes. Definitely. So you have to be careful. The truth is that there are people out there looking to take advantage of others when they’re vulnerable. Since kratom is a drug that’s not regulated, you could end up getting the short end of the stick when you purchase it. So only go with trusted vendors. That much should be pretty imperative and pretty straightforward if you’re buying this revolutionary drug.


1. Know the difference between kratom vein colors

The vein color is probably one of the biggest defining factors of a particular kratom leaf. The vein color impacts the kratom leaf’s effects and indicates its alkaloid profile. Be sure to understand the vein colors before you buy any kratom. If you don’t understand the vein colors, you could end up getting a kratom that really isn’t suited for your particular situation. That’s especially true if you’re sourcing the kratom for a medicinal purpose as opposed to a recreational one.

Some of the important things to note about vein colors are as follows. First and foremost is that the red vein kratom outsells both the white vein and green vein kratom combined. That’s a pretty significant variation in sales. That tells you that most people prefer red vein kratom. Why? Because, red vein kratom has a very potent analgesic effect. Translation? It’s a powerful pain killer. In fact, it can be extremely sedative.

When you compare red vein kratom’s pain killing effects with something like a prescription drug, that’s where you see the biggest benefits here for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money on the latter. We all know that prescription pain killers can get very expensive. But, kratom is all natural and not that expensive to buy. That might be why there’s so much controversy surrounding kratom. It’s because it has such a powerful pain killing effect that roughly 1% of the American Population is using kratom right now, likely for that particular benefit.

Now, the other two kratom vein colors are a bit different. Red vein kratom has the analgesic effect, whereas white vein kratom has more of the euphoric effect. That’s good for those who are struggling with opioid withdrawals. That’s because it has the primary alkaloid activation of mitragynine, which is the other prevalent alkaloid (amongst 25) in kratom’s alkaloid profile. Green vein kratom has a fair blend of both. So it won’t make you feel too sedative or too euphoric. It’ll be more energetic.

Can you see how this information is crucial in your quest to buy any type of kratom? It all starts with the vein color. So don’t ignore it. The way you’ll see most kratom for sale is by first seeing the vein color, then the strain. For example, Red Vein Thai tells you the vein color first then the strain. So be aware of that when you’re looking for kratom in any capacity, because that’s going to indicate the benefits or effects of it.


2. Understand the variations in kratom types

Kratom can also vary by type. By type, we mean the medium. That could be dried leaf, powder, capsules or extract. Depending on how you plan to use that kratom, it could have a severe impact. Also, if you’re just starting out, be wary of the type of kratom that you source. Dried leaf kratom is great for grinding down into your own powder or making into a kratom tea. It’s also less potent than other types of kratom.

Kratom powder is just ground down from dried kratom leaf. But if you don’t store that kratom properly, it could easily go bad. So be sure to keep it in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture. Keep it in some sort of air-sealed container if possible and far away from any potential water hazards. You should also have a dehumidifier if you’re keep kratom in a closet or in a particular storage area.

Other forms that kratom is sold in are capsules and also extract. Extract is simply a distilled down variation of kratom. It’s more potent than your standard version. Capsules are fairly common and most people will either buy the capsules or the powder. The powder can be used in so many ways, but the most popular method is called toss and wash. That entails just tossing the powder in your mouth and washing it down with a drink.

What kind of drink? It all depends on you. Some turn to fruit juice, others use soda, others chase it with all types of other drinks. It really does depend on your taste and whatever it is that you’re into. However, you should avoid anything alcoholic. You should never combine kratom with any other types  of drugs or alcohol because you could face severe adverse reactions to it. So be very wary of doing that.


3. Research the different kratom strains before you buy

There are lots of strains of kratom that hail from different countries and regions. There are even selectively-bred variations such as Maeng Da, which is an alkaloid-rich variation of kratom. The different strains from different regions will give you a variation in the results. Do your due diligence before buying kratom and be sure to look into the strain and how it will potentially impact and affect you.

For example, when you’re looking at kratom strains, first look at the vein color. Then, you’ll assess the region that the kratom hails from. That’s often the strain. For example, Red Vein Borneo or Green Vein Thai and so on. These are all strains of kratom. When you buy your kratom, you have to research the effects that different strains within different vein colors will have. Now that you know what the vein colors signify, understanding what the strains signify is crucial as well.

Some kratom strains are well known for addressing pain while other strains are well known for addressing opioid withdrawals. For example, Borneo and Indo are great at pain mitigation while Bali is terrific for opioid withdrawals. Of course, there’s also Maeng Da, which is great for both.


4. Look into the different side effects of kratom

Before buying kratom, address and understand the side effects. There are many. And it’s important to understand them before diving headfirst into kratom use. For example, you can experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness and more from kratom. And these are severe effects. Not mild ones. So you have to be wary about it. You should also absolutely never combine kratom with any other drug, because you could experience serious side effects and potentially death.

Kratom also produces something called the wobbles. It’s a situation where your eyes can’t focus on a particular point. Now, certain strains will give you more side effects than others. So you have to be careful. You should also be wary of the particular dosage amount if you want to avoid some of the more severe side effects. Keep in mind that when we say kratom can make you vomit, we’re talking about hours of vomiting on end and terrible nausea akin to hyper sea sickness.

This will also vary based on the format of kratom. Oftentimes, the powder will give you more of an immediate impact without slowly easing into your system. So will the extract, which is highly potent and in high doses can cause severe side effects. So be wary of the combination of vein color, strain and the medium. It’s extremely important to remember this.


5. Be wary of proper dosage amounts

There are certain dosage amounts of kratom that are recommended for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. If you’re just starting out, be very careful of the dosage amount. In the very beginning, you have to start out small. Don’t take too much. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences. Keep in mind that although kratom is all natural and comes from an evergreen tree that hails from Southeast Asia, it still modifies the neurochemistry of your mind and impacts the central nervous system.

So you have to be careful on the proper dosage amounts. That means that when you buy kratom, it has to be in amounts that are within the respectable conditions of certain dosages. Because, storing kratom for extended periods is not really recommended. It can go bad and lose its alkaloid content. It needs to be stored in a proper place, so if you do intend to take higher dosages and buy in bulk, then you have to understand how to store it.


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